Who is Serado?2018-11-09T15:28:25+01:00

Serado (Home Service) 1st Swiss Agency in the service of individuals since 2002, recruits and places home staff in private individuals.

Who am I talking to?2018-11-09T15:29:12+01:00

Personal advisors are at your disposal during the opening hours

I’m looking for a service, how to order?2019-01-13T14:34:21+01:00

Go to this page, select the desired service and fill out the form according to your needs.

What services does the agency provide?2018-11-09T15:47:12+01:00

The agency provides home/home help services in a fixed or temporary contract.

Where can I find the rates?2019-01-13T14:32:18+01:00

The prices are informed on the pages of the various services: house keeperchildcare, cook, gardener, house staff,accounting department. The hourly rate will also be filled in on the form and adjusted according to your request.

Are they reported?2018-11-09T15:54:29+01:00

Candidates are declared, are granted a valid work permit or are Swiss. They are subject to the collective agreement for the rental of services.

How are they recruited?2018-11-09T15:54:47+01:00

We recruit our candidates according to their experiences (minimum 5 years in private house) and their references (verified). An interview is mandatory.

Does my candidate come with her equipment?2018-11-09T15:57:26+01:00

The candidate uses the equipment that is on site.

How can I talk to a candidate?2018-11-09T15:57:55+01:00

All our candidates are available by phone.

Or find the candidate's phone number?2018-11-09T15:58:55+01:00

It is on your contract and on your cover letter received by email through your advisor Serado.

How do I get my bill?2018-11-09T16:03:53+01:00

You will receive your invoice by email automatically or by mail on request.

I pay my bill to the candidate? Of the agency?2018-11-09T16:04:17+01:00

You pay bill to the agency. No settlement on the spot with the candidate.

How do I pay my bill?2018-11-09T16:04:33+01:00

You can pay by ESR or by bank transfer.

When do I get my bill?2018-11-09T16:10:39+01:00

You will receive your invoice at the beginning of the month after counting the hours of the previous month.

What is the settlement period?2018-11-09T16:17:16+01:00

The deadline is 30 days.

What do I have to do to get the candidate paid?2018-11-09T16:17:35+01:00

You must sign his attendance sheet at the end of the month presented when the time comes.

Can my insurance take care of my bill?2018-11-09T16:17:57+01:00

Depending on your contract with your insurance, you can be taken care of. Thank you for checking with them.

How does it happen when my insurance supports the invoice?2018-11-09T16:18:38+01:00

Please pay your bill to the agency and then send your bill to your insurance in order to be reimbursed.

Absence of employee2018-11-09T16:20:22+01:00

Thank you to contact the agency, a replacement will be offered to you as soon as possible.

I want to change my candidate2018-11-09T16:20:40+01:00

Please contact the agency by email or by phone. We take care of finding you a new candidate at no extra cost.

My candidate goes on vacation2018-11-09T16:21:00+01:00

Your candidate is asked to notify you 15 days in advance of any departure on vacation. If you would like a replacement, please contact us by email or by phone.

I want to change the benefit dates2019-01-13T14:12:31+01:00

Please contact the live candidate by phone to move the mission. The agency automatically gives you its agreement.

I want to stop the mission2019-01-13T14:12:26+01:00

Please contact the agency by registered mail. Notice according to the duration of the contract will be taken into account; See general terms and conditions on your rental service contract.

How do I submit an online CV?2019-01-13T14:10:56+01:00

Visit our website on the Send an application page from the “Join our team” menu

Apply for online offers?2019-01-13T14:10:15+01:00

Go to the current offers page from the “Join our team” menu. Apply for the offers you are interested in.

How do I register for the agency?2019-01-13T14:10:10+01:00

Please submit your application form to the agency by post, email, on the website or directly to the agency.

What are the steps to register?2019-01-13T14:10:05+01:00

Once you have submitted your application, you will be contacted by an adviser to interview. An inscription will be completed after checking your references.

What is an application file?2019-01-13T14:10:00+01:00

A file consists of an updated CV, all your work certificates, all your diplomas and administrative documents.

What if I don’t have news?2019-01-13T14:09:55+01:00

15 days after receiving your file and without any news from us, consider your application as lapsed.

Who are the customers?2019-01-13T14:03:08+01:00

Individuals who want a tailored service through the agency.

How do I get missions?2019-01-13T14:03:04+01:00

Once registered with the agency, after maintenance and verification of your references, through our application.

How do I contact customers?2019-01-13T14:02:59+01:00

They are reachable by mobile phone.

Where can I find their numbers?2019-01-13T14:09:02+01:00

You will find their numbers on your employment contract.

Do I have to call the client to introduce myself?2019-01-13T14:00:23+01:00

You represent the agency Serado. It is through your work that the image of the agency materializes. It is best to contact the customer 24h after receiving the contract.

Do I have to come up with some equipment?2019-01-13T13:59:37+01:00

No, you only take the customer’s material on site.

What should I wear as an outfit?2019-01-13T13:59:32+01:00

A professional and adapted work outfit.

What if I am sick or on vacation?2019-01-13T13:59:29+01:00

Please contact the customer on-line to announce your absence. Please prevent at least 15 days in advance in case of departure on vacation.

How can I justify my working hours with my clients?2019-01-13T13:58:35+01:00

Through your time sheets that the agency gives you when you register.

What is an hour sheet?2019-01-13T13:58:31+01:00

It is a sheet that allows you to raise your hours of work with each of your customers.

What to do with the hours sheets?2019-01-13T13:58:11+01:00

These sheets must be returned to the agency. Fulfilled and signed, by the customer and yourself, before the last day of each month. By email, by post or by hand.

If the customer did not sign my attendance sheet?2019-01-13T13:57:37+01:00

Your sheet will be counted for the next month.

When do I get my salary?2019-01-13T13:56:23+01:00

Between the 3rd and the 6th of the following month.

How do I get my salary?2019-01-13T13:55:14+01:00

by bank transfer.

What will my gross hourly wage be?2020-01-27T16:17:23+01:00

Gross salary Dice in 2020 : (- 50 years old = 24,93 CHF + LPP) et (+ 50 years old = 25,45 CHF + LPP), most attractive hourly wage in Switzerland.

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