Accounting department

service comptabilité SERADO

Simplified declaration

To report home staff a few hours a week

Free yourself of all administrative steps, Serado declares all of your house staff such as: Housekeeper/home helper/babysitter/childcare/gardener/Butler extra under the formula: Service hire.

  • Employment contract
  • Insurance premiums Count
  • Accident Insurance
  • Loss of health gain
  • Supplementary insurance
  • Pension Fund LPP
  • Tax at source
  • Family allowances
  • Hours Management and salary payment
  • Count & Salary Certificate


For fixed staff from 50% to 100% activity

We simplify your administration by making, on your employer’s behalf, the full management of the salaries of your or your home employee (s) or employees of your company.
Periodic salary management and calculation.
Establishment of salary sheets and payment of salaries of your employees.
Provide summaries, monthly, quarterly and yearly certificates.
Establish at the end of the year all the Counts (AVS, SUVA, LPP, tax at the source, etc…)
Coordination with the institutions AVS, LPP, source taxes, family allowances.
Administrative advice.
“Outsourcing” management is charged monthly and per employee: 250.00 CHF + VAT 7.7%.
* Estimate for several employees on request. Please contact our accounting department for further information


For fixed staff from 50% to 100% activity

You recruit your house staff (or we recruit them for you) and define the salary conditions.
Then your staff is transferred to Serado who becomes the administrative employer.
We take care of the payment of salaries and all administrative management (contracts, AVS, LPP, work permits, insurance, family allowances, illnesses, etc.).
Payrolling fees are charged monthly and per employee: 250.00 CHF + VAT 7.7%.
We charge you, the gross salary + the employer charges all subject to VAT 7.7%.