Why declare his maid in Switzerland?

The maid you use two hours a week refuses to be declared!
Or you have not yet done the necessary steps?

This is what you risk!!

  1. By hiring an undeclared housekeeper, you risk a fine of the AVS, as well as a conviction to pay retroactively the sum of the unpaid social contributions in previous years.
    Serado (Home Service) will take care of all the candidates ‘ declarations to organisations such as: AVS/AI, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, APG, LPP, etc…
  2. If your housekeeper is not in favour of a valid residence permit, you may be liable to a fine of up to CHF 50 000.-as well as having to pay the costs of a possible repatriation to his country of origin.
    Serado (Home Service) is responsible for verifying the validity of the work permit of its candidates, and of the various approaches to the Cantonal Office of the Population such as: Announcement of the employee, renewal of the residence title, etc…
  3. Your housekeeper is the victim of an accident at the workplace, that is, at home, and you have not insured it, you will bear the financial consequences such as: medical expenses, loss of sickness gain, etc…
    Serado (Home Service) undertakes professional and non-professional accident insurance for its candidates, in case of accident on the journey or at the place of the mission, such as: fall on a slippery floor, fracture falling from a stepladder, etc…

Serado (Home Service) makes available to you only candidates whose references have been verified with former employers.

Therefore, we avoid taking risks and
You contribute to the fact that our candidates work legally.


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